Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comments and Google+

I have received several complaints via email that in order to make a comment on this blog, you must have a Google+ account.  I completely understand why most folks would not want to be pressured into joining the Google borg just in order to make a comment - and I want those comments!

I have finally found the setting that enables Google+ comments.  Unfortunately, "enable" is a word that does not adequately express the strength of the action.  In fact, "enabling" Google+ comments replaces the alternative comment mechanism that this blog used to have.  That setting is now turned off - you no longer need to have a Google+ account to make a comment.

I apologize for the frustration that this has caused.


(and now I expect some comments on this post...)



Grant Fjermedal said...

So glad to find you've disabled Google+.

When they asked for name and date of birth, I stopped in my tracks.

Your blog posts are always a joy to read, and I admire the massive amount of boating knowledge you've acquired and so cheerfully share.

Hoping to raft up to Eolian one of these days -- or to anchor nearby and come over in the dinghy, with bottle of wine.

- Grant Fjermedal
s/v Sea Scape

Robert Salnick said...

Thanks for your kind words, Grant.

I am so very disappointed with Google's attempt to force people into joining their Facebook competitor. In fact, I am more than disappointed - it is Microsoftian.

Grant, we don't do raftups, but we'd love to see you and your dinghy coming over (with or without the wine)!


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice to be able to easily communicate again. We'll be out there in October visiting my son. Wanna get together for lunch?

Robert Salnick said...

Rick: Yes yes! Please contact me via email to set it up.

Jeani said...

Nice to be able to comment without big brother Google in the middle. Thank you.

Heidi Berrysmith said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks for adjusting & disabling Google+. So far I have steered clear of it. I enjoy learning via your encounters as well as the wisdom & verse you share. Tell Jane 'Hello' from us me & especially Carmen & Cooper. :)

Heidi Berrysmith said...

Hi Bob, Thanks for adjusting your blog. So far I've avoided Google+. Enjoy reading & learning thru your posts. Thanks for sharing your wisdom & verse. Say 'hi' to Jane from us. Heidi & especially Carmen & Cooper.

Robert Salnick said...



Robert Salnick said...


Hi! Let me know when you guys are ready to buy a boat!

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