Friday, May 22, 2015

Espresso Aboard Eolian

Recently, Livia aboard s/v Estellita posted about the way they make espressos.  As Pacific Northwesterners, this immediately became an obvious trend to us.

Aboard Eolian, espressos are produced every single morning, as they have been since 1997, by this Barista espresso machine that our kids gave us:

USCG required safety equipment

Some might say that this is an extravagance, but Jane assures me that it is not, and besides that it is USCG required safety equipment. 

Actually, I can vouch for that. The 16 amp-hours we invest every morning in espressos ensures crew happiness and alertness. And that is never a bad thing. 



RLW said...

Really truly 16 amp hours? Is that a lot of expresso or is it a VERY energy hungry appliance?

Robert Salnick said...

Well RL, that's four double- shot lattes, so the milk steaming is included. A small price to pay for crew alertness and marital bliss.

Rick Bailey said...

Espresso is required for any proper cruising. How can you even raise the anchor without at least one cup?

Absolutely agree that an infusion of espresso every morning is a small price to pay for domestic tranquility float.

Being the minimalists we are, we use a stove-top mocha pot. It works well, we like the flavor, and it uses alcohol, not amp hours.

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