Friday, July 10, 2015


So today I spent a little while in the dinghy with my new depth sounder... Taking measurements. All of the readings in the picture above are ones I made. Since I am crowd sourcing this data, I made sure that it was corrected for the tide before adding it to the chart. 

Three things were learned:
    1.  There is adequate water off that private dock should we need to tie to it in an emergency 

    2.  The shoal area to the north of the dock is marked too shallow on the charts. 

    3.  The "buoy" that marks the wreck directly in front of us (I thought) actually is apparently an  abandoned mooring. But having marked it as a wreck is probably a good thing anyway tho, since when (not if) the float breaks away or rusts thru in a couple more years, no one would want to anchor on top of whatever is down there as an anchor and whatever rode remains. 

More surveying to come...



Deb said...

Glad to see you post this. We want to get one of these but money is in tight supply right now. I'll be following your progress. I'll tell you I sure wish somebody surveys the South Lake Anchorage in Hollywood FL sometime soon! We went hard aground there because of faulty chart info.

S/V Kintala

Christian Holm said...

Ok I am very intrigued I need to do that for the upper end of Eagle Harbor, on Bainbridge. How do you go about doing that and what equipment works the Best


Robert Salnick said...

Christian, I used this: to make the readings, and the Navionics iPhone app to record them

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