Monday, September 14, 2015


Do I look like a guy happily anticipating a swim?

Today was change-the-zinc and scrape-the-prop day. Surprisingly, the zinc was not as bad as it has been in the recent past, but the prop was a happy little colony of barnacles.

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Maybe, just maybe we have licked the problem we have had for the last few years with "hot" fittings - where the bottom paint was burned off around a couple of fittings.  I believe that this was being caused by a low-level short (that eventually graduated to a full-on fuse-blowing short) in the circulating pump for our heat pump. Could also explain why the zinc lasted better than it has in recent times.

Yes, Jane did the pour-the-hot-water-down-the-back-of-the-wetsuit trick, and as usual, it worked wonderfully.  Because I didn't want to freak myself out, I didn't check the water temp until I was done and sipping a well-earned beer...  It was 54 degrees. It felt a lot warmer than that.



Anonymous said...

That doesn't look like fun. Sounds like things are in better shape down there than you had hoped, though. Cool that you got the pump problem solved, and it fixed another one. Voltage leaks = bad. Nice to have that cleared up.

Rick Bailey s/v Cay of Sea (back to getting "open id error" on blogger comments)

Rick said...

Bob, do you ever use the air-conditioner side of your heat pump? When we lived in Poulsbo we didn't even have an air-conditioner in our home.

Robert Salnick said...

Hi Rick -
We've used the A/C side of the heat pp exactly once, so far. But I thought about it a couple of times this summer... Few homes in the Seattle area are A/C equipped - it just isn't needed.

Sorry about the OpenId thing - I don't think there's anything I can do... It's up to

Drew Frye said...

I gave up my 25 year old wet suit for a dry suit last fall. What an improvement. By late winter it's almost fun to pull it on and go for a swim, warmer than the average indoor pool. As for cold weather kayaking, it's a delight. And when you get out, you are dry as a bone and simply put your top layer back on (I generally wear a single fleece layer, but I will increase that a little if the water is near freezing).

I've been meaning to try it out as cold weather foul weather gear, but so far I seem to avoid going sailing in pouring cold rain. I wonder why that is?

(I have an Ocean Rodeo Soul. It's more of a multi purpose suit than a dive suit, but that seems to fit my needs.)

Robert Salnick said...

Wow - not cheap tho - looks like $899 for the Soul version, with more for booties, etc.

nb.bobcat said...

That photo is hilarious. Such a contrast to that dapper salty sailor posing in front of a narrowboat!!!

Glad you are safe at home again.

Kath and Rob

Robert Salnick said...

Yes, and now that we are home, the UK pub count is closed and the total can be revealed: 30.

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