Monday, September 19, 2016


The great wheel of the seasons has turned.  The Earth is now at the 21:00 position in its orbit (yeah, I know it's arbitrary, but that's how I think of it.  Oh, and that the Earth orbits counterclockwise makes my internal vision even more incorrect.)  Day and nite are equal length; sunset and sunrise occur at 06:00 and 18:00 solar time.  Even at noon, the sun is perceptibly lower in the sky.  All the signs are there:  it is Fall.

And looking realistically at what is on our plate for the remaining few nice days of the year, we won't get Eolian off the dock again in 2016.  So, we have brought the winter fenders to the marina and are doubling up our docklines in preparation for the gales of winter, which are sure to come.  I didn't get to diving on the prop to put on a fresh zinc this last weekend because we had the pleasure of running into Grant and Laurie of s/v Shadowdance, old friends from Shilshole...  and let's be honest here...  I didn't really want to jump in the 51° water either.  So I still have that to do.

It was a great year tho, with week after week living at anchor in the San Juan Islands, some spectacular sails, and 50 crabs in the freezer.


Rick said...

Been thinking similar thoughts. Season as turned, and we just finished our first all-day rain yesterday - a signal of autumn, for sure. But, that followed a weekend of some of the best sailing weather of the year, and there is more to come. Autumn on the Chesapeake is wonderful and varied. said...

Sad to see the summer go. Really. Mike is saving his paid leave up to take when he retires so he'll have a month or so of paid off time to do boat work. We didn't get a cruise this summer because of that and man, are we missing it. We'll have to hold on until next spring. Cheers from S/V Galapagos.

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