Monday, June 4, 2018

Hypervent Alternative

Some boats have a problem with condensation accumulating under the mattress in their berths (for some reason, we don't see this on Eolian... I don't know why).  There are several products offered to address this problem, but they all seem to have the "marine tax" assessed on them.

I recently received this tip from a fellow boater that addresses this very issue and thought I'd pass it along:

As you know we are now living on our boat. The Vberth is our berth of choice but it suffered mightily from condensation under the mattress. We considered Hypervent , $9.69 a linear foot from Defender, 39 inch wide roll, and found it was sold here for $19.99 per square foot. Simple math says this is not a frugal choice. Then we found Keene's Driwall tm, a product used by the building trades to prevent rot and water penetration behind brick ( or similar) wall facing. $179 for 4 foot wide 45 foot roll, immediately a $90 saving even if you have 37 feet left over(it was only sold by the roll, no cutting). I managed to find an 8 foot piece from a builder friend of mine and we installed it. Success! No condensation and dry bedding. Total cost $0, even if I had to pay for it the total cost would have been under $30. Please pass this on to your more frugal readers.

SV In The Mood

(I suspect all my readers are frugal...)



Deb said...

Hypervent is 3/4” thick and the stuff you’ve mentioned is only around 1/3” I believe. This may be a valid alternative.

SV Kintala

Kevin McNeill said...


I've found another use for this product, because it's relatively cheap/frugal I tied some around and old deck wash brush, it makes an excellent scrubber for the below waterline hull.


Kevin McNeill said...


For reasons known only to the internet your comment only showed up in my inbox yesterday, we've had this stuff under the Vberth mattress for some six months now and for the last month or so it's been raining, still no condensation under the mattress, the next three months will determine if the experiment is truly a success.


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