Thursday, November 5, 2009

Down Below, in the Rain

The rains have returned to Seattle, in earnest. We have already had a couple really good storms. Tho not up to midwestern frog-drowner standards, they were way beyond the normal Seattle mist 'n spit.

I have been asked more than once recently what it is like below decks on Eolian in the rain.

We can clearly hear the sound of rain on the decks down below. Eolian's deck is a sandwich of fiberglass and foam, as this plug I cut out when installing a solar vent shows: about 1/2" of fiberglass on the outside, backed with 1/2" of foam, and then a 1/4" inner tension layer of fiberglass. (Her hull is solid fiberglass.) This construction transmits the sound of falling raindrops nicely. The closest comparison I can make is to the sound of rain falling on a tent, but it's not that loud.

But unlike being in a tent, on Eolian, we find the sound of the rain is accompanied by a wonderful feeling of, "Wow, it's nasty out there, but it sure is warm and cozy in here!" (This is the time of year for nesting, after all.)

In a house, watching it rain out a window can sometimes be almost like watching a wide-screen TV show.

Here down below, you are not isolated from the weather.

You are in it.


But protected by a thin fiberglass shell.

BONUS: The gentle patter of rain on the deck above is very soothing, and makes falling asleep a delightful experience. (If you sleep in an attic room close to the roof, you will know what I mean.)

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