Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last night we attended Jared Anardi's 30th birthday celebration.

Jared is one of a group of Adam's friends - friends that became so early in their college careers. Sad to say, that is getting to be quite a while ago. These guys all graduated in the spring of 2002 (yes, that is a Rainier "R" on Adam's mortar board - he said it had more to do with his graduation than anything else). But what is amazing is that these guys have managed to stay friends thru significant life changes, distance, and over more than a decade. Some friendships seem destined to be forged for life, don't they?

Our first encounter with these guys was when Adam brought them all down to the boat. It was like one of those circus clown acts - they just kept coming and coming and coming down the companionway... seemingly forever. When they were all aboard, most of us had to remain standing.

And now, most are married, some with children. A year ago last summer, we were privileged to be guests at Jared and Beka's wedding, and last night we were again privileged to be included at Jared's passing into Middle Age. In an entirely fitting ceremony, we were invited to be witnesses to Jared's and Beka's Last Will and Testaments (no, I didn't read them, so I have no idea what I might inherit).

Then the evening's real work began - Matt and Jared and Jon, after suitably preparing themselves, set up a beer pong playfield. There was intense competition, and there was equally intense critique of the moves made by the players.

Jane and I regard it as an extreme privilege to be included in this fellowship. These are fine people, and it is a gift to be able to watch them face and overcome the challenges that life has handed them.

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