Saturday, July 3, 2010

Off the grid

Sometime today we will leave Ganges and head over to Montague. Our wide-spread Wi-Fi provider does not have a presence there, so we probably will be off the grid for awhile.

We had a wonderful day yesterday, off the boat for the first time since Mystery Bay. We had breakfast (well, almost lunch) at the Tree House Cafe - a very unique and charming outdoor cafe positioned, oddly enough, right under a tree. If you should ever find yourself in Ganges, this is a not-to-miss place.

After brunch, we did some shopping, visiting a used book store (we seem to haunt these, don't we). I got a couple of interesting volumes there on NW coast history - the second volume of the books David Conover wrote about his life on Wallace Island, and one called "Bits and Pieces - Tales Told at Greenwoods," which sounded intriguing.

Next we visited Mouat's, a hardware/marine supply/housewares store that dominates the waterfront and got a repair device for the washdown hose (taking us back to now 1 failure for the cruise), and a glass slug that I just couldn't resist.

I also bought 10 gallons of diesel for $4.83/gal (CN). Wow.

We replenished the fresh veggies and then back out to the boat.

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