Monday, July 19, 2010

Thoughts on box wine

This weekend, we (well actually Jane) hosted the whole family up at our cabin on Camano Island for "Camano Days" - a celebration combining:
  • Jane's birthday
  • Fathers' day
  • Kaci's birthday
  • Hazel's 3-month birthday
It was a weekend of non-stop fun, eating and drinking, and it is the reason I have fallen behind on blogging.

For the event, Ken and Erica brought a box of (dun-dun... dun-dun...) Box Wine. I know we have all contemplated The Box, but something undefinable has, for us anyway, held us back from that final commitment of putting it in the grocery cart.

This small box holds the equivalent of *4* conventional bottles of wine! You may not be able to tell from the picture, but I'd swear that it would hold 2. I guess that says a lot for the marketing whizzes that are behind the punt in the conventional wine bottle.

So, from a boating perspective, what can I say about Box Wine?

  • It's good! Not wonderfully great, but good. Really!
  • It takes up a lot less room
  • It's good!
  • It isn't fragile.
  • It isn't heavy.
  • It's good!
  • When empty, the box will collapse to a very small package (our limiting capacity for long voyaging on Eolian is garbage stowage)
  • You can drink some, and not have to feel obligated to drink the rest - no air ever gets in contact with the wine.
  • Really, it's good!
  • I don't think the "message in a cardboard box" thing is ever going to catch on.
  • Like when you have a kegerator, your wine glass is never empty. You no longer have the portioned serving of the bottle to gauge and control your consumption. You must exercise self-control over the tendency to have, "just another splash"
It was a great success at Camano Days. And despite the shortcomings, I am absolutely certain that Box Wine is going to become a staple boating fluid aboard Eolian.


Mike said...

We are a fan of box wine!

As an exercise some day I should go through the photos on our blog and see how many pics there are with a box of wine in the background. I'd bet there are quite a few.

bob said...

I predict there will be more pictures on this site with a wine box in the background somewhere.

But now I need to find some way to replace the ritual of the corkscrew.

Beka said...

sounds like something I need to try!

bob said...

Beka -

Yes. Yes you do. But beware of Minus #2. I am still working on that one.

SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

Black Box (cab sauv I think) gets Wine Spectator best buy awards. It was our go to climbing/camping wine. We would still be drinking boxed wine if there were any good (non Franzia type) options in Canada. As soon as we get into the US we'll buy some.

bob said...

OK, so now Black Box cab is the next one we try... I can also recommend the Bota Box zin

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