Friday, August 20, 2010

iPhone App Recommendation #2

All of you iPhone-equipped sailors out there, listen up. (And you non-sailors too!)

I know I have already recommended one iPhone app to you, and therefore I am probably exceeding my annual allotment of these, but I just can't *not* post about this one.

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a scene, but found that you just can't get it all in? I know this has happened to sailors - we frequently have spectacular horizon-spanning sunsets to capture. You may even have looked into software that lets you tie individual images together into a panorama. But all of the solutions require a lot of tedious work, defining points of correspondence in each of the images that work to match up the images. You could easily spend hours making one. 

Have I got the answer for you! The app is called AutoStitch Panorama, and it costs an amazing $2.99. Here's how it works:
  • You take a series of pictures from the same point. there must be some overlap between them.
  • You tell AutoStitch to use them.
That's it!

AutoStitch then takes care of, completely automatically:
  • Arranging the pictures in the correct places in the final image (in other words, there is no need to specify the pictures in any particular order to AutoStitch)
  • Finding points of correspondence between the pictures
  • Distorts/undistorts the individual images as necessary
  • Corrects exposures in the pictures (this one is especially important, since some pictures will likely be taken into the light and others with the light at your back)
  • Blends the adjusted pictures into a final panorama.
(Sorry about the post in the middle of the picture)
The results are amazing. Compare this with my earlier effort (which was so tedious that I never repeated it).  All pictures displayed on this blog are thumbnails; this is definitely one which you will want to click on to see the original, full-sized version.

1 comment:

Rowan said...

Thanks for the tip! I have also tried various panorama stitch programs and was never satisfied, $2.99 sure seems like a good deal for a program that actually works as advertised. Rowan

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