Friday, August 13, 2010

Propane tank coverup

This post appeared originally on Small Boat Projects.

The propane tanks on Eolian are aluminum, and can stand the sun and rain. But then there is the salt spray, and the effects of sun and rain on the hoses, fittings and the propane solenoid valve. A cover was called for. And besides, no one wants to see a naked tank.

I laid it out, and Jane sewed it (we work as a team). It was made out of some Sunbrella scraps we had, so there were some unusual effects - like the nicely-made seam at the bottom, and the odd placement of some Common Sense fasteners. The only tricky part was the tapered top. I laid this out as if it were a mast boot, cut in half, with a straight section inserted between the halves. There is a drawstring in the bottom to keep it in place in a blow, and it is slit up the back to accommodate the propane hose.

And now there is no untoward nakedness. You can stop averting your eyes.

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