Friday, November 12, 2010

The beginning of the month

Out here on the dock, ours is a transient society.

Slip leases run from the beginning of one month to the beginning of the next.  This means that the end/beginning of a month brings new neighbors (welcome George and Betsy!), but it also means old friends are leaving (hope you're enjoying Tacoma, Doug and Ruth!).

There are those folks who move frequently (military families, minister's families).  Their children grow up learning how to quickly make new friends out of acquaintances, because they must.  But I did not grow up this way, so it is not a skill I have.  The end of the month changes are not easy for me.

I wish there were room on the dock for everybody that had ever been here, and that no one had ever left.  But of course, that isn't possible.

I am struggling with something here.  My words are leading me inevitably to the conclusion that I do not do a good job of friendship maintenance once the friends are far away.  And that I apparently need to work on making new friends more quickly.

Our transient society demands it.


Ken said...

You should re-title this entry as: Auld Lang Syne. It makes it sound more melancholy.

bob said...

I'll re-publish it on 1-Jan with that title - thanks for the suggestion!


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