Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The dock box

Most docks which offer monthly slip leases sport dock boxes.  When you lease the slip, you get the use of the dock box (ours were recently replaced).   So what do you put in there?

Here's what is in ours:
  • A horseshoe life preserver that was discarded by someone (it looked to be in better shape than ours) (yellow, on the left)
  • A piece of thin plywood, left over from some project (I no longer remember which project)
  • Our oil change vacuum can and pump (blue, in the center)
  • Our dock phone line, from the dim past when we had a landline on the dock, and on the boat (under the vacuum can)
  • A discarded 50' shore power cord.  (It's 50 ' of 3-conductor 6 gauge wire, right?) (under the phone line)
  • 50' of black 3-conductor 6 gauge wire (see above)
  • A grey milk crate holding various cans of paint
  • A small paint roller and pan (on top of the crate)
  • A short length of condemned fire hose, to use for making chafe guards for docklines (coiled on top of the paint roller pan)
Our dock box is unusually empty.  Some are set up as little workshops, complete with shelving, vices, etc.

What's in yours?


Curtis Wood said...

That dockbox is way too neat and organized. You need some 1/2 empty paint and varnish cans, old replaced winches you just can't bring yourself to toss, etc.

Curtis Wood said...

Sorry, I should have read your post more thoroughly - you do have some paint cans for posterity!

bob said...

And in keeping with long-standing tradition, those paint cans are half filled with dried up, useless paint!

Alfex said...

Great blog Bob. There is some hope for the rest of us untidy dockbox owners.

Sheet of aluminum (2' x 3')
Gel Coat polish
Gel Coat cleaner
Oil change pump
Rags for polish removal (10)
Blue Towel rolls (2)
Bed insert panel for dinette area
Box of electrical bits and pieces
Roll of blue tape
Various pieces of Starboard
Plastic cutting boards (cheap starboard material)
Acetone (half empty)
Transmission fluid can
Spare ignition coil
Wet/Dry Vacuum (2 gal)

bob said...


Ah, you have a proper dock box! My only excuse for the untoward neatness is that our boxes were recently all replaced, and thus we were forced to examine (and temporarily store!) the entire contents. This unnatural act caused us to discard some really valuable "just in case" inventory.


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