Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An end to splinters in awkward places

At Shilshole, every slip comes equipped with a dock box. Like a black hole, stuff accumulates in them, and gravitates to the bottom, packing down to neutron star density. I will wager that no one on the dock knows what they have in their dock box.

Well, wait. No, I won't. The marina, having rebuilt all the docks except A and G (those were done 10 years earlier) decided to upgrade our dock boxes out here on G Dock. This has forced everyone on the dock to actually look at and touch everything in their dock box, because the marina wants them empty when the workers arrive to swap them out. Like everyone else, we discovered mildewed treasures in the bottom of ours.

The real benefit to us is this: at the after-work beer gatherings on the dock, there is an overwhelming temptation to sit on or lean against the dock boxes - they are the perfect height for it and are at convenient locations. Unfortunately tho, they were molded from a fiberglass reinforced plastic mix. After all that time exposed in the sun and weather, the outer surface glaze has weathered away, exposing the fiberglass strands. Maybe you can just see the glistening individual fibers in the picture, but trust me, if you lean against the box, or Heaven forbid, sit on it, you will definitely know they are there - you'll get painful fiberglass slivers in very tender parts of your anatomy.

Slivers that you cannot reach to pull out.

The replacement is moving along apace this week, but at seemingly random slips on the dock. But at tonite's after-work beer gathering on the dock, it was explained to me that the slips that had cable TV were being done first. We don't have it, so I guess we'll be down the list. This is a picture of the one on G57, where we used to be, and where s/v Angelique is now.  I got to lean against it tonite, and enjoy its cool shiny smoothness.

Without slivers.

Ours is surely coming this week, and then we'll be able to start a whole new treasure collection in it!

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