Monday, June 7, 2010

70 Degrees

It is a milestone in the year when the temperature reaches 70° F. And we reached that milestone here in Seattle this weekend. It is warm enough where you want to take off your flannel shirt when you are working outside.  It is warm enough where you can feel that unfamiliar sensation known as "perspiration" while working.

Now don't get me wrong here.  We live in Seattle completely by choice - we feel it is one of the premier cruising locations in the US.  In fact, we agree with Tom & Dawn of s/v Warm Rain, recently returned from cruising the South Pacific to "the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest."

I love the nautical ambiance of mist and rain on the water.  I enjoy the lush, lush greenery that the rain brings.

And yet.

And yet when I am honest with myself, I admit to being jealous of those who already have suntans.   And I find myself longing for those days and nites when the ports and hatches on the boat stay open all the time, when a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt are comfortable attire.

It is coming; I know it is.  The long season of Woebegone is nearly over.

I want to wear my Hawaiian shirt.


Mike said...

LOL @ linking to us for your suntan comment. Didn't you know... it's all photoshop. :)

bob said...

Mike: If you looked like that in Seattle, I'd say that:
o You just got back from Cancun
o You are spending way too much time
in a tanning booth
o It's rust


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