Saturday, June 19, 2010

Doug and Ruth and Peppermint Patty


Life is change. Without change, there is no life. And here on G Dock it is more evident than for folks living ashore.

On Thursday nite, we had a dock party honoring Doug and Ruth of s/v Angelique - they're leaving - going to Tacoma. Jay, who recently brought his brand new Hunter 49, s/v Kali Rising to the dock, will be taking their slip. Doug and Ruth, tho only here for a few years, rapidly became an integral part of the community out here at the end of G Dock. They are generous, gregarious, and wonderful folks. Tho Jay will be taking their slip, when they leave on the 26th of June they will leave a big hole in our little community. We welcome Jay, but we will sorely miss Doug and Ruth. So it goes in our transient society.

And now we will have friends in Tacoma.

As evening fell, the temperatures fell even further, and we retired inside - to the saloon on Ghost. There we were introduced to a new (to us, anyway) concoction called a Peppermint Patty - hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps - just the thing for a typical June evening in Seattle out on the water. Or for a ski trip.

These things could easily be addictive.


Anonymous said...

Hi,I work with Jane at Lawton if you are reading this Bob.

My dad, Chuck, is in town Monday night (owner of the 27 Catalina in Fl),we'd just love to come out & see the boat if you guys are around. He follows your blog.
Sorry for the short notice, I was sure I would have seen Jane the last couple weeks of school but I didn't.

Let me know if you are able to get together, Elizabeth Hensley(407) 702-8439 or

bob said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Sure - I'd love to have you and Chuck aboard. I sent you some email at the address you provided.


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