Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adventures in paradise: redux

Remember this post?  I'll wait while you go review it.

Go ahead.

It's been a little less than two years since I wrote it.  And you know what?  Dreams really do come true...
  • Carol and Livia aboard s/v Estrellita are right now in mid-pacific, on their way to from Mexico to the Marquesas.  They are doing well, and are having the time of their lives.
  • Mike and Rebecca aboard s/v Zero to Cruising are island hopping their way thru the Caribbean, enjoying white sand beaches, coconut palms, and hiking thru tropical forests.  They too are having the time of their lives.
Dreams do come true.  Tho it must be said that they come true most often for those who work to make them come true, as both these couples did.

What are you dreaming?

What are you doing to work toward those dreams?


Mike said...

Hi Bob

We missed this post. We must have been having too much fun in the tropics. Thanks for posting about us though. :)


bob said...

Hi Mike -

Imagine that - too busy having Adventures in Paradise to read about yourself having Adventures in Paradise...

A completely right and proper thing.


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