Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adventures in Paradise

Does anybody else remember the TV show with that name? It had Adam Troy, as a kind of 1950's precursor to Captain Kirk, plying the waters of the South Pacific on his trusty schooner Tiki. That show personified the wanderlust that we all seem to have, and it certainly had an effect on me.

Lots of people dream about throwing off the responsibilities of the day-to-day life and sailing off to tropical isles... Have you? You could you know. People are doing that very thing today. Or perhaps you'd like to live vicariously thru the experiences of those who are.

Well, I have a treat for you today: here are two couples who are making it happen. Right now. Today.
  • Carol and Livia, aboard their Wauquiez Pretorien 35 Estrellita 5.10b, have spent the past 16 months getting ready to leave - a recent post summarizes their preparations, but for a full understanding of the process of getting the boat, and much more importantly, themselves ready, your reading should really start at the beginning of their journey. Now they are less than 43 days from cutting the dock lines, and their excitement is building. Follow along with them at s/v Estrellita 5.10b as the days count down.
  • Mike and Rebecca, aboard their PDQ 32 catamaran Katana, are probably the two physically fittest cruisers you will ever meet. They've chosen a catamaran as their waterborne home - a choice which balances things in an entirely different way. This is a boat which has lots of stowage, but which must be kept light in weight in order to reach her speed potential - makes for interesting decisions. They will be starting their journey in fresh water, far enough north that it freezes in the winter (Lake Ontario!), so they'll have quite a trip ahead of themselves just to get to salt water. Their plans have them cutting the dock lines in 89 days (as of today). Join them as the days wind down and the pace winds up at Zero To Cruising.
If reading these two blogs has whetted your appetite, I suggest you check out the Interview With a Cruiser blog which Livia recently started. Although it is not very old, it has been wildly successful. It's premise is to have questions, supplied by folks who are not (yet) cruising, answered by folks who are. It's a great idea!

Listen... I can hear the trade winds rustling the palm fronds overhanging the white sand beach right now.

Can you?


SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

We're blushing.

Mike said...

Thanks very much, Bob!

bob said...

As a famous man said recently, "De nada."

: )

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