Monday, May 24, 2010

For horses, for sailboats

I stopped in at our local farm supply store and bought these two fittings for a total of $5. They are solid bronze, and I plan to use them on our flag halyard. I priced the same (OK, similar) fittings in the West Marine catalog... Want to guess? $9.49. Each.

A lot of horse tackle is either stainless or bronze, and is priced without the "marine multiplier" - next time you are nearby, check out a farm supply store.

If it is springtime, there will even be real, honest to gosh peeps!


Drew Frye said...

Wire gate climbing carabiners are another good non-marine value: pleanty strong, lighter, and much cheaper than the cluncky SS things West Marine sells. Very high quality control standards.

Also, high-teh webbibg slings are about 3-5 times cheaper from climbing retailers.

Captain Verena said...

Another way to save is using West Marine's price matching. Just find the item for cheaper online, print it out and take it with you when you go. Link: Maybe they will price-match the farm store items as well? It just has to be a nationally recognized U.S. retailer.

Anonymous said...

Great tips!

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