Sunday, July 19, 2009

Annual Maintenance: Brightwork, step 3

This morning was perfect varnishing weather. It was dry enough where there was no dew, so I was able to start varnishing very early - while the wood was still cool, and before there was any wind.

I got coat #3 on the port side (shown) and coat #2 on the starboard side. That's it on the port side - it's as good as it is going to get for this year. Tomorrow, I'll get the last coat on the starboard side., and then the caprail will be done for another year.

To keep from going to seed this afternoon, I'll pull the tape off of the port side.

So far, the day's entertainment has been next door. Curtis dropped a key in the water, and so donned his diving gear to retrieve it. Following that, since he was already in the water, he cleaned our speedo transducers and his prop.

Then there was beer.

And then red wine and enough guitar so that I should have quit long ago (at least that what my fingers tell me). I hope the neighbors aren't getting too tired of me working on variations of C, Am, Am7, Bb, F and G. Those of you who know me (and know music) will recognize that as a departure from the blues.

At least I'm playing inside.

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