Sunday, July 12, 2009


There is lightning and thunder outside right now... yes, right here in Seattle! For those of you in far away and exotic places like the midwest, a single clap of thunder in Seattle will bring out all the news reporters, with breathless eyewitness accounts of the event, on all the channels.

As I sit here typing this, I am less than three feet from a 65 foot tall aluminum lightning rod, and fervently hoping that it doesn't strike here.

One time in Wisconsin on Green Bay, we were tied up at a marina where lightning struck a boat (not ours - we had the shortest mast in the marina). The sound was deafening, and afterward there were pieces of masthead instrumentation on the dock. It was comforting to be the shortest mast.

We no longer have that comfort. Tho we are not the tallest mast in the near vicinity (I think Wind Dancer gets that honor), we are definitely vulnerable to a strike.

I am very happy that we are in Seattle where lightning is a newsworthy event, rather than in Miami or Indiana.

Still, there is thunder out there...

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