Friday, January 1, 2010


It has been a year since I started this blog.  Well not exactly - the anniversary will come up on January 28.  But today is such a big benchmark that I am officially and arbitrarily moving the anniversary to today.  That way, everyone will associate the beginnings of this blog with having a hangover - and how appropriate is that?

When I started, I had hoped to put up one posting a week.  Ha!  I got to writing, and pretty soon my backlog was bigger than the blog, so I upped the frequency to 3 a week.  And I pretty much kept that pace thru the year.
(Parenthetical observation:  By now you may have noticed that I refuse to use the baroque spellings of two common words:  night and through.  Instead, I use my modernized versions: nite and thru.  Yes, I am a rebel - in small things anyway.)
So, here at the end of the year and the start of another, I have 27 drafts or ideas stashed away.  Thru last year, my drafts folder kept a total between 25 and 30, so things are about normal in at least that respect.

So, looking ahead, for the coming year, you can expect at least these:
  • Parts II and III on crabs
  • The Haulout
  • A host of destinations in the South Sound
  • More San Juan Island destinations (no, I'm not thru with the San Juans yet)
  • At least 3 more "I learned about sailing from that" posts
  • More book reports 
  • Sailing - How I got interested, and the early years
  • Whatever new projects Eolian throws at us.  I must confess that the backlog of older major projects is nearly exhausted (some of you are going, "Yea!")
So, how's that hangover doing?  Made it worse, didn't I?

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fsb272 said...

The only hangover I had on 1-1-2010 was at my belt line, I thought it would be gone, but it keeps hanging on. Sounds like you have a plan; so good luck! You are the person to look to for "life on the Sound" - cause you are the best neighbor I have and I can promote your abilitiy (Cause I sit and watch you do all that work and it just wares me out - have to get another BEER just to finish (must the Problem at the belt) reading all your BLOG (LMAO)

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