Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thru the Veil

Yesterday, Jane and I took a trip up to Stevens Pass for skiing. (I am sorry that this is the third non-boating post in a row... I promise it will be the last one.)

Now, this is not a whine. But I do need to set the scene a little. It has been raining in Seattle. Like only Seattle can do it, day after night after day after night, relentlessly. And the drive up the mountain was very noisy because of the rush of the tires on the wet pavement, and even more because of the continuous machinegun splat of the rain drops on the windshield. After a while all the noise kind of fades into the background of your awareness, but it doesn't disappear.

And then suddenly, the noise just *stopped*.

It was snowing! It was like passing thru a veil into a different world, the transition was that dramatic.  (Do I still have Avatar on my mind?)

It snowed the whole time we skied, *hard*. The kind of snow where it is is not snowflakes that are coming down, but rather big fluffy clumps of snowflakes. One of those big clumps down the neck is always cause for a whoop!

The crowning end of the day was that when we got back down to sea level, the rain had stopped, and we got treated to an actual, very dramatic sunset!

1 comment:

Erick said...

Never experienced rain turning to snow. That has to be quite the spectacle!

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