Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's not a bad number.  In fact, it is Scott's age, now.  From my perspective anyway, he's in his prime.  He is a pilot for Horizon Airlines and a flight instructor besides.  And he is getting good on his guitar!

On Monday, Angela from Ghost invited everybody up and down the dock to come to Scott's birthday celebration, and even the NCAA contributed, providing part of the entertainment (too bad Butler lost).  And Zach and Ellie chimed in, first helping to decorate the cake and then to deliver it to the celebrants.

Boy, Ghost is big inside.  She is the same kind of boat as the one featured in Captain Ron - the movie set made it look like a suburban house inside, but Ghost is not far from that (except, of course, for the stand-up engine room).  I think Jane and I counted at least 15 people in the saloon and seated at the dinette (I think all of these folks were present at the same time):
  • Rich & Echo from Veja Du
  • Fred from Black Opal
  • Brent & Jill from Ambition
  • Doug & Ruth from Angelique
  • CB & Tawn from Palarran
  • KC & Elaine from Hawkwind 
  • Scott & Angela from Ghost
  • Zach & Ellie from Ghost
  • Bob & Jane from Eolian
I was reminded by another blog posting this morning that there is never enough friendship in the world.   Well, this evening went a long way towards addressing that...  it was an evening filled with friendship.  Thanks Angela and Scott for bringing everyone together!

And Happy Birthday Scotty!

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