Friday, April 23, 2010


Please take a look at our sister site, mentioned over there in the sidebar. (I am still fooling around with the template.) Here is the introductory posting on the site:

Whenever boaters gather, they are frequently proud to share those small additions and modifications to their boats which have made living aboard easier - sometimes far out of proportion to the size of the projects. Books have been published, filled with such ideas - the concept behind this site is similar, but hopefully much more responsive to the boating community, because of the immediacy of the blogosphere, and the ability to communicate with the author or others thru comments.

So, pay it forward: make a contribution that will help your fellow travelers out on the waves. To do that, send your contribution to SmallBoatProjects at gmail dot com. Your contribution will feature a link back to your blog, and contributors will permanently appear in the contributors listing over in the sidebar. If you'd like to make your contribution a "teaser", which provides enough information to interest the reader, but requires him/her to go to your site to get the whole story, please feel free to do just that. Only be sure to provide enough information to make the post here coherent.

If you do not want to take the trouble to do the work, just give me a hint where an old post of yours is, and permission to copy it, and I will do the work.

To get things going, I'll put a couple of my own up here. They have appeared elsewhere, but I don't see that as a detriment - this site should serve as a consolidator - one place to go for neat ideas invented by your fellow boaters. And for contributors, an additional way to drive traffic to your site.

Your turn. GO.


Mike said...

Very cool!

Good luck with your new project.

Robert Salnick said...

Thanks Mike -

It will be a failure without contributors. I am hoping that the opportunity to get more links out there to drive traffic to their sites will motivate folks to mine their sites for old posts that can be submissions (hint, hint). There is a lot of information out there - but it is scattered all over the place.


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