Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning tease

Sun shining thru the ports and hatch awakens me.

At this time of year and here at 47° 40' N, this happens pretty early. But I like it because it gets me up and gets me going early.    I have always been a morning person... I like it when it is quiet, the water is calm, and the only sounds come from the gulls.

So we rise and enjoy a cup of coffee, watching the world wake up.

But then you see it:  tendrils of fog creeping down the bluff behind the marina.  And you know... that the dreaded Marine Layer has arrived.

The marine layer is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs here - a foggy/misty low cloud layer that (I understand) blows in from the Pacific.  It can turn a beautiful sunny morning into a damp funk, accompanied by the sad sound of fog horns drifting in from the Sound.

Eventually, hours later, the sun burns thru the layer.  But by then I am inside, at work.  Operating on the sunlight gathered up earlier.

I am solar powered.


SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

We're getting good and familiar with the marine layer.

bob said...

"Summer." Harumpf.

Today's marine layer is so heavyand wet, it might as well be raining. And here, on August 2, it is downright cold. We are running the heat - the temperature inside the cabin was 59 degrees this morning.

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