Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soaring on the rising air...

Walking down the dock the other evening, I noticed a falcon slope-soaring on the rising air over m/v TerenĂ£, and I thought to myself, "That's going to keep the seagulls from 'decorating' his flybridge canvas!"

And as I walked along, I admired the graceful movements of the bird, the tiny adjustments made at the wingtips and tail feathers to stay in the air stream, and wondered at its control and mastery of the air.

And then I noticed that there were two-dimensional aspects to the bird. It... It was... it was a KITE! I was flabbergasted, and amazed at the lifelike motions that the kite made.

And finally I noticed that the kite was flying from a fishing line coming from the fishing pole you see in the picture.

I want one.


Mike said...

Cool. There are several videos of them on youtube.

bob said...

Hi Mike -

I ordered one.

Mike said...

Do they make that flapping noise that I heard in the videos?

Is would be cool to have one tied to the stern as you are sailing. People would be wondering why that bird is following us.

bob said...


Depends on how much wind there is. In lighter air, they just soar, silently.

Trailing the boat with the kite is a great idea!

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