Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maudlin maundering

I confess. I am guilty as charged.

I am maudlin about the end of summer.  Today is the last bit of it; tomorrow is autumn.  And here in Seattle, we have been running the heat on the boat at night for a while, but I've been hiding it from myself (I hide my own Easter eggs too).  The calendar is definitely correct - we are at the thin, nostalgic end of summer.

It has been a good one, and we have definitely gotten a lot accomplished.  And we ended it this last weekend with the visit of our friends from s/v Ghost to our Camano cabin.

I have 3 major projects under way, all of which foolishly presumed an endless summer: replacing the windows on Eolian, rebuilding Jane's '65 Mustang, and starting on the restoration of the 1959 Impala.

Where has the time gone?

I wore the white Hawaiian shirt to work yesterday as a celebration of the last full day of summer, and the black one today as a memorial.

(posted exactly at the autumnal equinox - the end of summer)

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