Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's called "paddle boarding".  It just appeared here in the Pacific Northwest in the last year or two.  Basically, you stand on a surf board, and propel yourself along with a long paddle.  Given that it involves surfboards, it obviously arose in some other part of the world...  "Surf Ballard!" is not exactly a rallying cry you're likely to hear.   Oh wait.

Curtis from s/v Wind Dancer gave it a try on a whim last summer and spent two hours trying to get up to a standing position on the board.  It ain't easy.

These folks are obviously very expert at it - see the life jackets being carried on the boards?

I'd think that this has some of the same feel as kayaking, but it looks like it'd be a lot more stressful.  Me? I think I'd prefer to be in a seated position.

I must be getting old practical.

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Mike said...

We saw that for the first time about a month ago as we were sailing up the Potomac near Washington, DC. Since then we've seen several other people with these boards.

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