Monday, October 11, 2010

Project: Window renewal (#2) - Phase III

The new window glazing arrived last week, but today is the first opportunity I have had to begin the work.

As usual, Bomon did a masterful job of packaging. Inside a large cardboard box was a protective layer of Celotex (think of it as soft, uncompressed masonite), a double layer of bubble wrap, and individual cardboard sleeves on each pane. Everything survived the several thousand mile trip from Quebec in perfect condition. The panes were apparently CNC cut from the same data as the original panes, and came with the neoprene gasket cut to length, bonded and fitted. Nice!

So the first step is the removal of the old glazing. Alain provided detailed instructions on how to do it. The best trick in those instructions was to remove the old neoprene gasket before disassembling the window frame. A couple of short, deft cuts with an Exacto knife (I have a blade that cuts on the end instead of the side - this proved perfect for the job), and it was possible to zip it right out! This is a huge bonus, because one of my greatest fears was destroying the frames trying to separate them from the rubber.

After removal of the gasket, disassembly of the frame and removal of the old glazing was easy.

You can see how far gone the Lexan was
by comparing it to the unexposed portion
Assembling the new glazing into the frame with the neoprene gasket in place was not so easy. The things that make these windows stout, heavy extrusions and tight clearances, don't make it easy to assemble them. Alain recommended the use of soapy water - I used soap rubbed on the rubber and water sponged onto the surfaces. And still it was real work to get things to go together. Multiple pipe clamps were required.

At about an hour and a half per window, it is clear that I'm not going to get them all done today...

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