Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boat basil

I once read a science fiction story that had aliens coming to Earth specifically to obtain basil, which to them was a drug.  And of course, pesto was their equivalent of heroin.

Now, we don't crave basil that much.


We find that basil goes well with almost everything, but it is not easy to grow up here in the Northlands (our friends in the Midwest tell us that there it is a pesky invasive weed!  Oh to have their problems!)

Captive basil
Nevertheless, we have a near-constant supply of the drug herb.  Because the grocery stores up here have discovered that many of us will buy hydroponically grown basil that we can take home with us and keep alive, captive.  This is ours - it lives in a beer glass right next to the sink.  And as long as I don't cook Panang Curry more than twice a week, it lasts for an amazingly long time - a month or more.  Eventually the new leaves get smaller and smaller - missing some nutrient in our tap water I suppose.  Eventually, it's RIP basil.

And then we go to the grocery store for a fresh captive.


ridgewalker said...

Add a little plant food once a week and I think you find you wont have to replace it near as often. And the leaves will be much larger and more healthy.

Tonja Brown said...

Matt and I too have discovered this $3.99 gem at the store. We also keep ours in a beer glass next to the sink. In fact, right now I am snacking on fresh basil leaves with roma tomatoes and mozzarella. yummy!

SnarkyAnon said...

Is "basil" a euphemism for something here?

bob said...

No, Snarky, it's not.

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