Wednesday, April 4, 2012

True confessions

The weather is unarguably worse in the depths of winter.

Nevertheless, it is now, here in the season of Woebegone (when every day is 10° below normal) when I feel my personal lack of vitamin D most strongly.
Angela on s/v Ghost captured this on Monday

And yet.  And yet, this is also Rainbow Season - when rain showers and sunbreaks alternate quickly and frequently;  so much so that rainbows are common.  Rainbows are a symbol of promise, of hope.  

So my confession?  I am mightily affected by a powerful longing for real spring to arrive.  I try to keep a positive outlook.  Oh, I try. 

And I long for it to be warm enough to make leaving the dock and anchoring out not an ordeal.

Soon now, I think.

I hope.

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