Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Box Wine, Again

I've written about box wine before, as (at least partly) a boon to boaters.

But if your boat is small, you might not have room to accommodate the 3-liter box.

Backpackers have it even worse.  When you are carrying everything on your back, every ounce counts.  And when you are packing that weight to the top of a 200-story building, each extra ounce is crucial.

Then what?  Never fear, the wine makers have a solution!

This is a 500 ml container of wine.  (If you're not conversant with the metric system, 500 ml is 2/3 of a regular bottle.)  It is contained in a cardboard/foil/plastic film container which weighs almost nothing, and which can be crushed into a small ball when it has been emptied.  It is the ideal personal serving!

You could fit these almost anywhere - in fact they are compact enough where you probably have room for several.  No corkscrew needed; no heavy bottle to carry; no empty bottle to take up space until it can be properly disposed of. 

We tested these out yesterday, when Jane and I did an overnite backpacking trip up the Boulder River (4.5 miles one way - we're just not badass enough for those 20-mile days).
Yup, works just fine!


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