Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hats? Or Visors?

We just spent a couple of days anchored in Roche Harbor, and I think I learned some things from the experience.

First, all the really big boats go to Roche Harbor.  I mean the BIG BOATS - 100+ feet long.  Maybe there isn't enough long dock space in Friday Harbor.  Or maybe the ambience is wrong there - but then I would have no idea what that could mean.  If your boat is, say 120 feet long, what is it that you are looking for at a dock?  In shoreside amenities?  Whatever it is, apparently Roche Harbor has more of it than Friday Harbor... there was a parade of these huge boats going in there every day.

And the other thing...  If I could judge which of the folks aboard those monster yachts were the owners, I noticed that there was a preponderance in headgear.  No, not a preponderance...  it was virtually unanimous.  While those of us in smaller boats wear baseball caps, Tilley hats, Aussie bush hats...  the owners of the Really Big Boats all wore visors.  You know - like a baseball hat, but with the crown missing; almost universally they were white in color.

So I got out my visor - the one with the included hairstyling (not having much of my own, this is helpful).  And even tho it is a black visor, I would swear that we got more waves from the big boats after I put it on...


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