Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Report: 3/15 - Bowsprit Fabrication

In order to smooth out the places where the planer tore out chunks, where there was chatter, where there were splits at knots, and finally all the little knife cuts on the top surface (which is still the original surface of the pressure treated lumber), I mixed up a batch of epoxy and enough microballoons to make a stiff paste, and troweled it over everything.

I burned a whole BBQ tank of propane in the furnace keeping it warm in the shop, but still it took a a long time for the epoxy to go off. In the end, although it was not hard enough for sanding, on Sunday I applied another coat where it appeared necessary, heated up the shop one more time, and left it for the week. Hopefully it will be cured by next weekend.

Note: it is snowing here in Seattle, in the middle of March...

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