Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Report 3/29: Bowsprit Renewal

Lovely woman that she is, Jane suggested that I bring the bowsprit into the living room so that the primer will cure more quickly. So I did. And indeed, I was able to get all the primer coats (3) on this weekend.

Like automotive primer, this primer is designed to go on thick, cure quickly, and be easy to sand. Its purpose is to fill minor nicks and sanding scratches, just as when finishing a car (with which I have entirely too much experience). And as on a car, the best use of the primer is to sand nearly all of it off before recoating, leaving it only in the low spots. This is Interlux primer, and it works very well. I continue to be impressed with Interlux products.

Since one side of the bowsprit must rest on the sawhorses, I can do at most 3 sides at a time. Thus the system arose (OK, OK, I am an engineer... I can't help myself...) to coat 3 sides, rotate 1 side clockwise, coat 3 sides, etc. Thus to get 3 coats on all sides, I needed to coat 3 sides 4 times (check me if you like). The last coat went on this afternoon.

Next will come some hand sanding with 150 grit (no sander scratches allowed in this coat), and the first of 4 coats (3 sides each...) of finish paint.

It really looks like a bowsprit now...

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