Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Report 3/29: Heat Pump Installation

As I mentioned last week, we are still putting the finishing touches on the heat pump installation. One of those finishing touches is to protect the flexible ductwork in the storage compartment under Jane's berth from the heavy things that are normally stored there.

The first step was to cut some cleat stock out of some scrap lumber, and glue/screw it to the surfaces surrounding the ductwork, to provide a foundation.

Next, making templates out of cardboard saves lumber, and allows you to change your mind about the design at zero material cost.

Once I settled on a design, I used the templates to mark up the plywood, cut it out with a saber saw. Because everything is made to fit, it fits perfectly (OK, I was surprised too).

After all the pieces were cut, I glued on more cleat stock in the appropriate places, and then assembled the whole thing.

A little sanding, a couple of coats of paint, and it looks like a factory install (almost).

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