Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deep thoughts before coffee

Walking down the dock to shore this morning, my mind was still filled with Avatar (See it!  You'll cry).  One of the great appeals of this movie is that it successfully creates total immersion in a world which is very beautiful, and very different from the one we inhabit. 

And then I was granted a small flash of insight.

There is a parallel in my own life.  Living aboard is living in a world which is very beautiful and very different from the world in which most most people live.   In my own small way, thru these snippets and snapshots, I am trying to bring views of that world to you. So, I am kind of your avatar in the live-aboard world.

I really should drink more coffee before I leave the boat in the morning.

1 comment:

fsb272 said...

Yah! And it doesn't cost as much as a movie (When are you going to come out at RAIN CITY VIDEO?) (LOL). Love your blog & U Guys Too.

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