Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am so grateful...

I am sooo grateful that we live in such a temperate climate.

It's not that we have never experienced the cold - we spent roughly 20 years in Eastern Washington, in Spokane and Chewelah.  The worst winter I remember there was 1975/1976, when, in Chewelah, the daytime highs ranged as high as -20°F, and the nighttime lows were down around -50°F.  And we're not talking windchills here... that adds on top.  So I know what cold is, and I can sympathize with those of you in Montana and the Dakotas, where your furnaces are running 100% of the time and perhaps not keeping up.

But actually, virtually the whole country deserves sympathy.  Here in Seattle right now, we are warmer than almost all of Florida, if you can believe it.  Everybody is getting hit with temps to which they are just not accustomed.

Gratefulness is something that I sometimes have to work at.  But not right now.  Every time the heat pump kicks on, the gratefulness kicks in.  And when it shuts off (meaning that the boat has been raised from 69.5° to 70°), another even bigger wave of gratefulness washes over me.

Hey you folks in Miami - hop a plane to Seattle for some fun in the sun!


Jared and Beka said...

you are so right! it's warm here - who would have thought?!

Erick said...

Its cold and we are scared here in FL! hehehe

Its kind of a neat novelty when this happens, but it is usually for no more than a day or two. The cold has stuck around for a whole week and isn't going away anytime soon. Quite strange.

bob said...

And by "sun", I should note that PNWers probably mean "drizzle" or "mist".

This is the only place I have ever lived where they actually forecast "sunbreaks"

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