Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whistler Emulation

Last weekend, we had a family ski trip to Whistler/Blackcomb, in British Columbia planned.  This is a huge undertaking, and involves a non-refundable condominium rental, purchase of lots of food, and the incredible logistics required to get three groups of people together at the same place, at the same time, and with all required gear.

One family group (who shall remain nameless) apparently put their passports in an extremely safe place.  So safe, in fact, that approximately 8 hours of frantic searching did not disclose them.  So, they could not go to Canada.

Now here's the great thing about our family:  None of the rest of us wanted to go without the whole crew.

So we did a Whistler trip emulation.  We designated Adam's house as the Whistler condo.  We gathered there for lunch (after a final passport search), using the food planned for Whistler.  Then, we all went as a group to see Avatar (See it!  You'll cry.), and then we had dinner at the "condo", playing the DVD ski movies until late like we would have at Whistler.

Tho we all went home to sleep, we gathered again at Adam's for a Whistler breakfast, and then loaded up the Suburban.  We spent the day skiing at Stevens Pass.  Returning again to the "condo" we played Irish music (just like we would have heard at the Dubh Linn Gate in Whistler Village, and drank Adam's beer (which is far superior to any Canadian beer).  We played Wii games, and hearts and drank wine and beer, at the "condo".

The only part of the trip we did not simulate was the drive back to the US on Monday.  Instead, Jane and I rose lazily at 09:30.  The only thing we accomplished that day was to get the Suburban unloaded.

This is such a great family.

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Beka said...

sounds like you had a blast together despite not being able to go to Whistler!

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