Thursday, April 21, 2011

Asphalt, not water

The view out of our cockpit looking aft is a little different this evening - Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains are still there, but crowding into the foreground is asphalt - not water.  Yup, we're up on the hard for our every-third-year haulout.

As usual, I was nervous about maneuvering in the very tight confines just in front of the Travelift slip.  And the wind was up out at the end of G Dock.  But it was out of the South - and the Travelift slip is sheltered from a South wind, so the water was calm.  Jane and  Scotty from Ghost kept us off the steel pilings as I backed into the slip, and the hoist itself was uneventful.

And tonight we are going to sleep on a boat that is strangely motionless.  Unless you live on a boat, you do not know how weird that is.

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