Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Customer service: *this* is how it is done

Remember my water pump impeller problems?  As I mentioned, I ordered a SpeedSeal replacement cover plate as the solution to my eroded one.

Have you ever gone to the SpeedSeal website with an intent to order?  If not, you're in for an unexpected treat.  You will find that, in order to assure that the correct product is shipped, each order is a very custom experience.  SpeedSeal expects and wants to interact with you.

I made my order on 3/8.  And here it is 4/4 (when I am writing this post).  And nothing had arrived.  So I emailed my original contact at SpeedSeal (yes, you will have one), asking for a tracking number or something.  Alex called me back (an 8 hour time difference means that he called at 21:17 his time) to explain what he thought had happened.  It seems that a certain three-lettered government agency that has been in the news a lot lately may have detoured the shipment as possibly a threat (??!?).  And apparently this has been a not-uncommon occurrence lately (your tax dollars hard at work).

So, in order to minimize my inconvenience, Alex offered to make a second shipment, at no charge.  At which point, of course, SpeedSeal would then be losing money on this order.

Now THAT'S the way customer service is done.  Listen up all you fly-by-nighters out there on eBay:  I am willing to pay for customer service.  (Not that selling on eBay is, per se, a reflection of poor customer service - I have gotten some of the best service from vendors on eBay - but also some of the worst).

I am happy to report that not very long after my international call with Alex, the afternoon post delivered the package, and that, tho it had been opened, everything was in there.  No second shipment was necessary.

I am looking forward to the install.

Thank you, SpeedSeal, for the extraordinary customer service!

you may notice that each mention of SpeedSeal in this post is a link to their website - that is because I think they are deserving of your business
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