Saturday, April 23, 2011

The fourth W

Back in our slip again!

We're back in the water.

The whole event lasted less than 36 hours, which must be some kind of record.

And when we were pulling out of the Travelift slip, and waving goodbye to Roland, Tom and the crew (who were all out on the pier) I felt like we were waving to family.  And in a way we were - they have been taking care of Eolian and us for more than a decade.  We keep going back to have the work done by this crew because they recognize that a haulout is a traumatic experience to us (and every boat owner), and treat us accordingly, with professionalism and amazing attention to the details which make the process go safely and smoothly.

Below are some pictures of our brief time up on blocks, with some wisdom that I gained from Tom - he's got years of experience, working on hundreds of boats - boats which he sees year after year.  He gets to see what works and lasts, and what doesn't.

To clean a prop, I have always used a rotary wire brush chucked in an electric drill.  But Tom said that aside from the scratches the wire brush leaves, it will leave small pieces of iron embedded in the bronze, which could cause localized galvanic corrosion.  Instead he suggested I use a 3M disk - kind of an industrial version of Scotchbrite.  It worked great! 

Shiny, shiny
Definitely time for a new zinc!
Tom said that I should apply 1 coat of Barnacle Ban for each year I intended it to last - this is three coats, because I don't want us to haul out again until 2014.

On the left we see a groady old man, looking a lot less professional than the yard crew, buffing out the hull.  On the right and looking a lot better, Jane followed behind and did the boot stripe which I didn't want to do with the power buffer for fear of getting wax on the new bottom paint.  Tom suggested I use a different bonnet on the buffer - one which would cut the oxidation more quickly.  Once again, he was right.


BadjerJim said...

36 hrs is a huge achievement! My Cal 29 was out on the hard for 10 days, and I did only one coat of bottom paint (though granted, there was a lot of sanding to be done before, based on years of neglect).

Plus, I installed an overhauled Atomic 4, with new prop and prop shaft (shaft had to be custom made after haul out). And the related re-wire and hooking up all the plumbing, and test-firing the engine.

Awesome job. And a load off your mind for the next 3 years.

bob said...

It was actually 31 hours. The yard did the bottom, but even so, that is record time. The weather was in our favor the whole time.

I'm really glad that there we had no heavy maintenance (like you had) this time.


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