Monday, August 2, 2010


Very early one recent morning at anchor, that was the sound that awakened me.

To a boat owner, this is not a welcome sound.  When you are just waking up, these are the kinds of thoughts that run thru your head:
  • Someone has drifted into us (drug their anchor, miss-judged their scope, etc); damage has ensued
  • A log is drifting past the hull (does it have rusty spikes in it?); damage has ensued
  • We've hit bottom on an outgoing tide; damage has ensued
  • ...; damage has ensued
Nothing in that list has a happy outcome.  So as you might guess, I lept out of the bunk and went up on deck, dressed nearly as I was at birth, looking frantically all around.


Then I noticed, on the aft deck, a clam, freshly broken.

Gulls and crows have learned this trick:  at low tide, find a clam that you can lift and fly with.  Take it high enough, and drop it onto something hard - it breaks open and you can feast.  In this case it was a crow, who was very displeased with me for throwing away his breakfast, and he told me so.

I ignored him, and went back to bed, thinking that birds deserve way more credit for intelligence than we give them.



Mike said...

hehe... funny.

Unknown said...

We have had the exact same thing happen. Scary, then funny.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! I wonder if it was Lynda's friend "swoopes" (a crow she has befriended)?? (S.V. Black Opal). Must have been a distant relative (LOL).

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