Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now I are one

Years ago, when we lived in Spokane, I had the opportunity to make a business trip to San Francisco - Alameda to be precise.  In the evening, while walking the docks, I had noticed a small restaurant that served the marina there.  And I noted that they were open for breakfast, so I vowed to eat there early the next morning.

And I did.  It was foggy and cool, tho it felt delicious to this Spokane boy.  As I quietly walked the docks, heading to the restaurant, someone popped his head out of his companionway, and we had a brief conversation, mostly about the weather.

I felt a little the way you might feel if you just happened to run into Clint Eastwood in the grocery store, and you had a brief conversation...  privileged, I guess, and a little in awe.  This was a guy living the dream, living on a boat in a major US city, and making it all work!  Wow!

I thought back to that encounter this morning when I stepped off the boat onto the dock, looking at the full moon reflected in the water just at sunrise.

Oh yeah - I had Huevos Rancheros at the restaraunt.  They were excellent.

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