Friday, March 25, 2011


Quick - what's a good way to entertain folks on your boat that doesn't require anything but 6 dice?  You didn't say "Farkle!"  You should have.

Farkle is a fast-moving dice game that works well with any number of participants that you are likely to have on hand aboard.  The only thing you'll need is 6 dice, and a pad on which to keep score.  And the rules.  You will need a copy of the rules, or at least general agreement among the players as to the version of the rules which will be in effect.  The rules are easy enough to learn that a complete novice will become competent in less than half a bottle of wine.

The game takes only enough room to throw the dice - it can be played on any boat that has a flat surface - say the dinette table, or I suppose in a pinch, the floor could be pressed into service.  It is perfect for a boat - virtually any boat.

Next time you have folks aboard, you should try it!


Mike said...

Cool. We frequently play yahtzee with some dice on that we have on hand. I look forward to checking this out too.

scty said...

Love playon farkle with you guys!

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