Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Longing to see our neighbors

Thank heavens for Daylight Savings Time!

And for the progress of the seasons.  I am no longer walking down the dock in the dark evenings. 

There is now the chance to see our neighbors once again.  When it is dark, walking the 1000 feet of dock is a lonely experience.  And unpleasant, if it is not just dark but also raining.  Or snowing.  And in the winter it is always cold and windy.  No one dawdles - everyone rushes to get aboard and into the warm, lighted interiors of their boats, closing out the outside.  Little bubbles of comfort in an inhospitable environment.

But when the sun is shining, folks move outside.  They are cleaning, fixing, playing music, visiting.  It is hard to make it all the way down to the end where Eolian is moored without having several conversations, and perhaps the offer of a beer.  The walk is a leisurely and enjoyable one.


(I can't wait)

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