Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shakin' out winter

In the winter, you kind of get into the habit of "relaxing" after dinner.  I mean, what else are you going to do, anyway?

But tonight we have our second (but who's counting?) day this month where the temperature was forecast to reach to nearly normal!  Time to shed those winter habits (and those winter pounds - could there possibly be a connection?).

Sundog on a quiet evening
It's a quiet, hazy evening here in the marina.  There is no wind, Jay is sitting out on deck reading, and the giggle of children drifts around as Zak and Ellie are out playing with Fathom, their dog.  People are talking quietly from one boat to the next.

I grilled a flank steak for dinner (rubbed with garlic salt, pepper and cumin), and we ate in the cockpit.

And after dinner we did *not* relax.  I got out the buffer and went to work on the deckhouse, while Jane got out the Brasso and went to work on the compass binacle.  (She got a lot further along than I did!)

Now we can relax, in the cockpit, with the guitar and some easy blues.


We've been waiting for this.

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