Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting ready, getting hopeful

Over this coming weekend, our plans are to circumnavigate Bainbridge Island, stopping in Eagle Harbor, Poulsbo and Port Madison (or maybe Manzanita).  I know that this is not the wide-ranging island hopping trip that others have planned, but it is our plan.  We may be joined by Kaci and Adam at Eagle Harbor, so we (well, Jane - for she is our quartermaster) are making two provisioning lists: one if yes, and one if no.

And like anyone going out, we are watching the weather.  It looks like the temps will range in the 40's at night and right at 60 for the highs.  Winds look to be out of the South in the benign range - strongest (in tonite's forecast now) to be on Friday.

And there will be rain.

So, after a cozy dinner of chicken soup and a baguette, while Jane makes lists, I am playing along with Mumford & Sons (who I highly recommend) and The Jelly Rollers (who I also recommend) and feeling hopeful that we will have a quiet, restful 4 days away from the dock.


Deborah said...

If you do that trip, Bob, please post or let us know how it was. We went out a couple of weeks ago and were going to do the exact same thing but didn't. So I'd love to hear about it.

BTW, love Mumford and Sons!

bob said...

Sorry Deborah -

Ours didn't turn out to be a circumnavigation either.


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